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Air Force Awards and Promos 17Nov2017

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Guest Hornet117


Air Force Awards

TSgt.Energy originally recommended that 1stSgt.Seventy be awarded his 4th Good Conduct Award. TSgt. writes; "Since the First Sergeant's promotion he has taken on more responsibilities within the Air Force. The First Sergeant manages to balance his work with the US Air Force, his family needs and his work with his unknown soldiers family. The 1stSgt is a role model for the lower enlisted and shows us all how to be a great leader.

~ TSgt.Energy


In addition I would like to add that 1stSgt has been instrumental in our recent addition of new members with recent branch shifts. During the first couple days after the announcement I have hammered the 1stSgt with information, requests and orders. 1stSgt has handled them admirably. Thus I am recommended him for his fourth and final tier, Good Conduct Award.





Good Conduct Award

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