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Guest RET.CPT.Distortion=US=

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Guest RET.CPT.Distortion=US=

Hello Unknown Soldiers,











I was skimming the interwebs and decided to find a website that might possibly boost some recruiting potential. Well, i found this site that has leagues and ranking systems that might prove some spark into playing competitively amongst some of the PC clans out there.





They have Battlefield 1 leagues and Battlefield 4 leagues. So that way, we can get as much league games out as much as possible.


Thought if you guys wanted to, enroll and send me a PM. Will have to fill out an application but, if you are in the clan, i will just accept the application on the spot. Hope to see many applicants so that we can prove to the community that UNKSO is the ones to watch out for.http://www.battlefieldcommunityleague.co.uk/myclan/dashboard

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