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Navy Awards and Promos 3NOV2017

Guest CPT.Vanarambaion=US=

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Guest CPT.Vanarambaion=US=

[align=center]Navy Awards




receives the Special Service Medal, nominated by ENS.Vanarambaion.

[/align]Petty Officer Distortion has displayed excellence in all projects he has undertaken for the Navy branch and the Unknown Soldiers. From serving as the Battlefield 1 COMOS NCOIC to taking over the Atlantic Fleet leadership, Petty Officer Distortion has demonstrated loyalty and skill in all aspects of his clan activity.







receives the Navy Service Award, nominated by ENS.Vanarambaion.

[/align]The Chief has lived up to his title and then some, handling issues affecting individual members, as well as those affecting the whole branch. He has managed the other NCOs within the branch, and been an asset in his various roles within Intel.







receives the Navy Service Award, nominated by ENS.Vanarambaion.

[/align]The Senior Chief had an ambitious undertaking - setting up a new branch in a new game of a type this clan has not delved into before. As he sits on the edge of having his own branch in Rainbow Six: Siege, he has exceeded even my own high expectations. His service to the Navy, even in his short stay, has been exceptional.



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