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Division Command Awards and Promotions 3NOV2017

Guest RET.COL.SilverEupher=US=

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Guest RET.COL.SilverEupher=US=

[align=center]Division Command

Awards and Promotions



is to be promoted to the rank of O-1 Ensign.


[align=justify]With the guidance of his CoC, and the willingness and drive he has had to make Siege a clan game, SCPO.Aim has prepared the Coast Guard to earn branch status in the Unknown Soldiers. Thank you for your dedication to the task, SCPO. I am now promoting you to the rank of Ensign as the Commanding Officer of the Coast Guard.[/align]



is to be promoted to the rank of O-2 Lieutenant Junior Grade.


[align=justify]ENS.Vanarambaion has been a huge benefit to the clan and the Navy since joining earlier this year. He performed admirably after taking over the Navy branch when I stepped out of the way to get the Navy running under their own power. I am happy to promote him to the rank of O-2 Lieutenant Junior Grade.[/align]


is to be promoted to the rank of O-2 1st Lieutenant.


[align=justify]2ndLt.Hornet has had a successful tenure as an O-1 since taking over from Maj.Buckshot. Since moving over from the Marines he has instilled a rejuvenated attitude towards clan organization and gameplay. He is often tough on those under his command but it is with love for the clan and the people that he is here for. With that I’m please to promote him to the rank of O-2 First Lieutenant.[/align]

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