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News on Turning Tides DLC

Guest arg0x

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Hey Everybody, I was just searching around the internet, and came upon some news about new weapons being added and figured I'd put together a quick blurb about what I have seen.



  • M12P16 Machine Pistol
    • The first ever machine pistol, this weapon has an extremely high fire rate and decent stability. The drawback is a painfully long reload via two 10 round stripper clips as well as suffering at range. Be prepared with a good side arm for this automatico contender.

    [*]C96 Trench

    • Easily recognized from its pilot counterpart, this carbine variant of the famous pistol is fairly fast firing, semi auto, and loaded with a hefty 40 box magazine. Perhaps not the quickest killer that the assault has in it its arsenal, but it looks like a fun gun to run around with.

    [*]Anti-Air Breech gun

    • while a it is a gadget, this seems to be a real game changer for people tired of being harassed by those obnoxious pilots. Very similar to the very polarizing AT rocket gun, this cannon fires an AA shell that explodes after some distance or within a proximity to an enemy aircraft.


  • Farquhar Hill Rifle
    • Coming in an optical and a factory variant, this hefty British made rifle comes with 20 round drum magazine and plenty of damage behind it's shots. While perhaps no contender to everybody's beloved Fedorov Avtomat for close range, this beast can really reach out and touch somebody.


  • Browning M1917 Heavy Machine Gun
    • An addition that I am particularly excited about, this legend was born from the famous John Browning to be used by the American Expeditionary Force. This monster boasts a massive 250 round belt fed box of ammunition with a respectable fire rate and a telescopic variant as well as a standard variant. But the real treat with this one is the ability to fire up to 100 rounds before overheating, thanks to its sizable water jacket. I look forward to seeing how this death dealer will change the game. We thought the Perino was a true defensive lawn mower. Well, Mr. Browning has an objection.


  • Arisaka Rifle
    • The standard issue rifle for the Japanese Army during WW I, this quick bolt action rifle seems to do excellently at closer ranges, similar to the Vetterli and the SMLE. A rather lack luster, but still interesting addition to the game, as well as a nice nod to the Japanese Army, who took part in seizing German assets in the Pacific.

    [*]Carcano Rifle

    • The standard issue rifle for the Italian Army, the Carcano is a rifle that the BF 1 community seems to have been wanting added in for some time. This one has less information out on it, but time will tell how the Sharpshooters of Battlefield will accept this one in their arsenal.

Overall a nice haul for the game. For more information, Jackfrags and Westie have put out videos with some gameplay and more information on the gadgets, weapons, maps, and game mode being added.





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Guest JimAlmeida
Thank you PFC for this piece of text, I am looking forward for that Browning Machine Gun although I am much more interested in the Naval Warfare that will come in this DLC. This will be a DLC richer in vehicles rather in weapons I assume.
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