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Intel Promo 6 Oct 2017

Guest RET.Maj.Buckshot=US=

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Guest RET.Maj.Buckshot=US=




O-3, Captain


CWO4.Spartan-S63 to be promoted to O-3, Captain, and placed as Executive Officer of =US= Intelligence Corps!


[align=center]The essential backbone of Intel is its departments' date=' each with its own purpose, missions, and projects. These often overlap and require departments to work together to provide the support the clan needs to remain functional and efficient. All of these simultaneous projects and teamwork challenges need management, they need focus, they need vision, they need leadership. I am capable of providing much of this as Commanding Officer however my understanding of the technical and day-to-day operations of Intel is still relatively lacking. Hence, a "right hand man" to help me lead Intel is warranted. The member I have chosen for this role, and I believe best suited for the challenge, is CWO4.Spartan. He has worn almost every hat imaginable in this clan and has excelled at every assignment. It is time he is given an opportunity to put all his vast knowledge and experience to the test as my second in command. Due to his rank at retirement and the position he is taking, I am proud to promote CWO4.Spartan to his original rank of O-3, Captain, and place him as Executive Officer of the =US= Intelligence Corps![/i'][/align]
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