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MARINES Awards and Promos 29Sep2017

Guest RET.Capt.Fearless=US=

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Guest RET.Capt.Fearless=US=

MSgt.Bwa would like to recommend Sgt Cidvond and LCpl Staydown for the Combat Readiness Medal. During last weeks Sunday mission Sgt Cidvond and LCpl Staydown faced one of the greatest challenges you can face in Arma. Clearing a unfamiliar building with unknown amount of enemies and securing a hostage, In the DARK. As just a team of 3, they managed to breach a large room and kill 3 enemies surrounding a unarmed hostage. From beach to enemies down and hostage secured took only the span of about 3 seconds. With each team member securing a separate corner and covering each others back. and a nicely placed shot over the head of the hostage to kill the far target.


By following unique orders and executing clearing tactics practiced for weeks, these Marines accomplished one of the hardest tasks possible, in a highly realistic scenario, with no friendly losses and securing the hostage unharmed. For these reasons I am recommending that both of these Marines be awarded the Combat Readiness Medal. Well Done Troops!!


Sgt.Cidvond Combat Readiness Medal (2)

LCpl.Staydown Combat Readiness Medal (3)



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