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When you have a GTA 5-Star Wanted Level in Real Life

Guest JimAlmeida

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Guest JimAlmeida

Who here can remember the good ol' times of GTA San Andreas when if you cause enough mayhem, the Army was sent with trucks full of soldiers supported by tanks? That action had the tone of ultimate action to stop you from spreading the chaos.


What if?


What if that happened in real life? If you spread enough chaos and when the police can't solve the crisis anymore, they send in the Army?


This video can have strong images which at this point includes loud gunfire but so far there is not any graphic footage.


Check the video HERE




This is happening NOW down here in Rio in the biggest favela of Latin America (I've passed by once...it's huge beyond words - 70 k people live there). With the weak government, rival drug factions are disputing control of a $5-10 million dollar market. Above, one of the "SWAT" policemen.


This has to be GTA online.

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