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Air Force Awards and Promos 15 Sept 2017

Guest Hornet117

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Guest Hornet117


Air Force Promotions




E-1 Airman Basic



E-0 BCT Ribbon



National Defense Service Award


Rt.Ednac has met the requirements and TIG to be promoted to E-1 Airman Basic, receive his E-0 BCT ribbon and the National Defense Service Award.

Air Force Awards



Air Force Service Award (2)


SrA.ShotgunSelfy has been recommended for the Air Force Service Award for the following reasons. Nobody can deny that the SrA is one of our most talented Bf1 players, however he is also one of out most active members when it comes to recruiting and advertising our clan in game. He is always professional, polite and shows a remarkable adherence to our regulations and customs and courtesies. Add to this, the Senior Airman's assistance with branch business whenever he is called upon and we have more than enough to award the SrA with his second Air Force Service Award.





Life Saving medal

During a recent Air Force practice, A1C.Apocalyte took on the role of combat medic for his squad. He revived me personally more than 25 times... while also performing a similar amount of work for the rest of the squad. He displayed a uniquely high level of team play and competence as a medic and supported his team more than anyone could expect. For this I would like to recommend A1C.Apocalyte for the Life Saving Medal.



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