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Navy Awards and Promos 1SEP2017

Guest CPT.Vanarambaion=US=

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Guest CPT.Vanarambaion=US=

[align=center]Navy Promotions





has completed the requirements and met the time in grade to be promoted to Chief Petty Officer, and will take over as Chief of the Boat for Navy.




Petty Officer Vogts has taken on leadership in the Navy beyond his grade and station. He has consistently put the needs of the Navy above convenience, and taken on taskings and jobs on par with the Chief of the Boat. I look forward to having him continue his good work as the new Chief of the Boat for the Unknown Soldiers Navy.





has completed the requirements and met the time in grade to be promoted to Petty Officer Second Class, and will take over as Atlantic Fleet Leader.




Petty Officer Illuminated has taken on a variety of roles - from recruiting to leading a boat - and has performed above expectations. His calm and measured demeanor has shown me he is ready for more responsibility, and I look forward to watching him continue to grow as an NCO in the Unknown Soldiers Navy.





has completed the requirements and met the time in grade to be promoted to Seaman Recruit, and is awarded the E-1 BCT ribbon.








Navy Awards





is receiving the for the Prisoner of War Medal, his first, as recommended by ENS.Vanarambaion.




It is easy for many members in the Navy and in this clan to take for granted what we have here at Unknown Soldiers. After all, being a milsim clan, we have to juggle the requirements placed on us by the clan with the rest of our lives, with all the duties and luxuries we want to include in our daily routine. It is easy to forget that some people live in a corner of the world where active military operations are a daily occurrence, where internet connectivity and electricity are rationed out in four-hour intervals. SN.tartousy lives in one such war zone. He doesn't get to choose whether he has internet or electricity to come to Navy practice. When he does come, his internet is rarely sufficient to effectively play Battlefield 1. But when he does get the opportunity to come to practice, he comes and sits in the Teamspeak channel. He's there to listen to his clanmates, his fellow Seamen, and be a member of this branch and this clan. When he is able to get online, it is often in the middle of the night, American time, and yet he always pops into channels, talks to anyone who might still be awake, and even helps guide lost recruits to the people that can help them. He has talked with me about how he needs to figure out how to get to his job in the morning, or that he needs new shoes because his old ones are worn through. And yet he is on the forum and TS diligently and consistently. I doubt if he is even aware that his dedication to the clan, his willingness to use his scant resources to join this clan, has been a source of inspiration and pride for not only myself but also others in the Navy branch. We seek members who will do what is right, instead of what is convenient, and SN.tartousy has embodied that ideal tenfold. This award goes to those who have repeatedly faced many storms and remained loyal to clan by weathering hardship and oppression from enemies foreign and domestic. I can think of no more deserving candidate.





is receiving the for the Good Conduct Medal, his first, as recommended by PO1.Argasio.




During the 27 August 2017 Navy practice PO3.Distortion proved his admirable dedication to Navy and clan by not taking part to the game in order to fully concentrate his attention on supervising the ongoing practice and doing his best to correct inconveniences and misunderstandings on the fly. Doing so he certainly made the operation fun and smooth for all participants setting as well a good example for all NCOs who lead a Navy practice in the future.





is receiving the for the National Defense Service Award, his first.





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Guest Illuminated
HooYah indeed gentlemen. Especially for SN.Tartousy, very well deserved award and he sets a bar for dedication that is beyond admirable.
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