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MARINES Awards and Promos 01Sep2017

Guest RET.Capt.Fearless=US=

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Guest RET.Capt.Fearless=US=


By SSgt.Gamerbeau for Sgt.Fire56


"I would like to make the following award recommendation:

Description: On 26AUG2017, during Marines practice, Sgt.Fire56 took full command of his team and led them to victory for both assault and defensive rush scenarios. His battlefield knowledge, kit familiarity and drive to accomplish his mission, rallied his group of mortarmen, and scouts to sweep across the rush map destroying Telegraph after Telegraph. At the final objective his team met with a violent and determined resistance. With a battleplan in mind, he altered his course of action, which resulted in a well earned victory. As a defender not one Telegraph was lost to enemy explosives. For these reasons, I recommend Sgt.Fire56 for the Logistics Medal, his first."







SSgt.DDog is to be promoted to the rank of GySgt and assume the role of acting 1stSgt of the Marine Corp.




SSgt.Gamerbeau will be transferring from Second Platoon in the Marines and assume command of 1st Platoon.



1stSgt.Bwa is to assuming a new rank of MSgt and transfer to Intel/PA


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