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Intel Awards and Promos 1 Sep 2017

Guest RET.Maj.Buckshot=US=

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Guest RET.Maj.Buckshot=US=





Bronze Star [1]


Sgt.Fire56 to receive the Bronze Star


[align=center]A lot was asked of Sgt.Fire56 when he took over as NCOIC of Public Affairs. He was asked to run a department' date=' he did it. He was asked to improve the department, he did it. He was asked to do all this while still maintaining his duties and responsibilities to Marines as 1st Squad Leader, he did it. In fact, he has excelled. He reports up every week without being asked to do so. He is ready and willing to implement any ideas I give him, let alone the ones he brings to me. He is a great soldier, and from what I've seen, a rising star as a leader in this clan. With all this said, I am honored to award Sgt.Fire56 with the Bronze Star [1']. Thank you for all you do Sgt![/align]






Superior Service Award


Capt.Rusher16 to receive the Superior Service Award


[align=center]Capt.Rusher is a long standing member of Unknown Soldiers. He joined back during the BF3 days and has remained a strong member over the last 4 years. He has held several duties over this time' date=' he worked his way up from a recruit to be the CO of Army and has been the OIC of Recruiting and Retention for the past 4 months and has done an excellent job. He is always coming up with new and exciting ways to recruit for the clan and retain the members we already have. His focus is 100% on his duties, making sure his department always has what it needs to succeed. It is with great pride that I award Capt.Rusher the Superior Service Medal for his unapologetic excellence in his duties and unwavering commitment to this clan. Thank you Captain![/i'][/align]






Chief Warrant Officer 4


CWO3.SpartanS63 to be promoted to CWO4, Chief Warrant Officer 4


[align=center]Chief Spartan has been an outstanding asset to the clan over the last few years. He has worn many different hats' date=' including Army Platoon Sergeant, COMOS WOIC, his current job of WOIC of Engineering, and Commanding Officer of Marines. He has been invaluable to me as a member of Intel, using his knowledge and experience to help restore life into not one, but two departments over the last few months. He has been a long standing member with an outstanding resume, it is with great pride that I promote CWO3.Spartan to the rank of CWO4, Chief Warrant Officer 4.[/i'][/align]
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