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Cheap Siege Keys

Guest LTC.DentalMav=US=

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Guest LTC.DentalMav=US=

We have gotten A Lot of questions about the game and pricing. So briefly it is 5v5 game that requires team work, you can look it up on steam or ubisoft. Currently there is the full game and the starter pack. The starterpack gives you 2 random operators, 1 defnse and 1 attacker, and enough credits to either get 2 more or mod out weapons for your first 2. You then get to earn more as you play. The full game gives you the original, gives you a couple more i believe but it is MUICH MUCH cheaper to buy new ones (like 12000 credits vs like 2000 credits). Then there are the season passes that givve you the new operators for free a week before everyone else. The non-season pass holders can still buy the new operators a week after they come out.


Currtently on steam its $15 for the starter and $40 for the full. Here is a cheap full game for I think $20





Questions? please ask :)

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Shield squad of fun! We are all inclusive, and like any game we don't take ourselves too seriously. You are always welcome SSgt!
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