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MARINES Awards and Promos 11Aug2017

Guest RET.Capt.Fearless=US=

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Guest RET.Capt.Fearless=US=

RT.McTheDerp To be promoted to E-1 / Private and awarded the E-0 BCT ribbon.







PO1.Vanarambaion and PO3.Illuminated recommend Sgt.Fire56 for the Good Conduct Award (tier 4) for the following: Sgt.Fire56 volunteered to help out another member with his COMOS exam. As an Anti-Infantry trainee, part of the exam was for the trainee to eliminate both of the OPFOR and capture the point while inside a vehicle. Sgt.Fire56 was so effective in giving the trainee a properly challenging exam that they earned the epithet "cockroaches" due to their swarming the tank and repeatedly and effectively dispatching the trainee. Though the trainee was ultimately successful in his exam, Sgt.Fire56 forced him to raise his level of play. Their willingness to volunteer and their outstanding gameplay make all members better through fierce competition. They do the entire Unknown Soldiers clan credit with their ability.





SSgt.Gamerbeau would like to recommend the Combat Readiness Medal to the following people:

Capt.Fearless (1st), SSgt.DDog (2nd), Sgt.Fire (2nd), Cpl.Soulforged (3rd), LCpl.Blu-Ranger (2nd), Pvt.Argox (1st), Pvt.Trashman (1st) for the following reason:

On 05AUG2017, during a brutal final battle through the Kaiserschlact operations campaign, in the town of Amiens, the above listed awardees were vastly outgunned, and relying very little on the support of the pubbie teammates. Through outstanding communications, proper kit loadouts, and known avenues of approach held the defensive line against an entire battalion of vicious enemies bent on their destruction. During this final assault you could not turn a corner and not see one of these outstanding men laying down fire in an attempt to beat back the offensive infantry, tanks and rather skilled Behemoth. Teamspeak was alive with call outs, requests for back up and rapid responses to hold the line wherever it was weakest. For these valiant efforts I recommend that they be awarded the Combat Readiness Medal. For some it is one of many for many it will be their first.



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Guest JimAlmeida

Limpets...limpets everywhere. I was never so humiliated in a tank like that dark lonely evening. Cockroaches came from everywhere...whether from tower or straight from the ground...it didn't matter...all I could hear and see was BOOM - Limpet Charge Kill Cam going for the 20th time.


These next words will be difficult to write:


Congratulations Sgt.Fire!


All jokes aside, I do appreciate you not going easy on me - I'd consider that an offense, kudos to that.

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