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Guest RET.CPT.Distortion=US=

So, i thought i would post something unique here. I wanted to be able to be more of a community then just a battlefield clan. Everyone plays more games then just battlefield. i thought why not have an area setup where you can show off the different characters you play as. Show off the different games you play and post your screenshots with everybody.


I would say if you can so the screenshots don't extend this out so much is to use a spoiler tag, also, if you want put a little story behind your screenshot. HAPPY SCREENSHOTTING.


I am a huge nerd when it comes to bethesda games. I played fallout 3, fallout new vegas, fallout 4, elder scrolls oblivion, and elder scrolls skyrim. I mod my games heavily, inputting my different armors and weapons. Making the game look as if it came out this year. Here are just a few screenshots of some of the different armors/weapons. Also, a lot of different texture mods and mods that make the skyrim experience more unique.







More Skyrim





Gifts of Akatosh armor





Some beautiful scenery made from modding.





HUD like dark souls




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Guest JimAlmeida

BTW, those Skyrim textures must consume some heavy VRAM...holy Moses.

I told ya I'd get back...this is what I have for tonight's session:

Forza Horizon 3 (click to view in full size)

This first one is from my 73' TransAm during a race in which I was overtaking this Chevy Stingray with a nice rear loss of traction.




This second is from my dream car (missing the V10 and the straight cut gears, that is) - BMW M3 E46. Don't mind the Versa toy car up the road...




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Guest RET.CPT.Distortion=US=

Finally, gotten around to modding FNV. Took me a little bit just because FNV files and mods were being finicky with me. Here are some screenshots with the end results. Honestly, i have room for 100+ mods. I only installed the necessity mods i really wanted. The ENB and character detail makes the game look as if it came out this year. Hopefully you enjoyed the screenshots, many many more to come.


The amount of detail in the characters is overwhelming. The mod changes all characters in FNV. Every NPC and even my character gets an overhaul.




Couple of screenshots of my character. Wanted to get a feel of screen shooting before i go hod wild.




Screenshots of the scenery that got a humongous upgrade. Like 5+ GB's worth of retextures of practically anything you can think of.




Picked up some armor along the way of roaming around goodsprings. Downloaded a Metro weapon pack mod which makes it very convenient that both worlds are post-apocalyptic.




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Guest RET.CPT.Distortion=US=



Major, I would definitely be more than happy to give you a list of mods that you can try out if you want to mod FNV. I can help you mod FNV, once you start modding though, it is really difficult to play vanilla after modding.

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Guest RET.CPT.Distortion=US=

Got some more screen shots of FNV. Been having issues with installing certain mods that would make it so much better looking. Figured out the issue and have it up and running again. Probably won't change around too many mods this time and have the game the way that i want. Uploading screenshots of some weapons i am using with a different set of armor i have. All the weapons i have installed probably equals to about 800+-1000+ weapons in total in my game. From classic and old school to modern day shooter weapons, there is so many. Hopefully you guys enjoy the screenshots.






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Guest RET.CPT.Distortion=US=

More screenshots of FNV. Had a decent amount of screenshots i wanted to post today. Didn't even get out of goodsprings yet because i had so much to do in goodsprings. Installed a mode called "A world of pain" which adds 114 more locations with enemies and loot scattered all across the mojave. Had a blast clearing my first two-three places from the mod. Took forever to get to Primm.


Finally bumped into the NCR at Primm. I have an overhaul installed which changes their clothing/gear around to make them more realistic. Safe to say i really am enjoying the overhaul.






Built a few more weapons from the workbench, an MP5K, G-28, AK-12, and a VS VAL. My weapon collection is gonna be huge. Picked up some recon armor as well on my travels. Picture with the laser pistol, i have fallout 4 weapons installed as well. Have a few pipe rifles in my arsenal.





One of the locations i discovered. This place is right behind goodsprings and leads to a multitude of different areas to clear and loot. The bottom picture is a picture of the mask that happen when you wear anything that covers your characters face. Project Nevada provides an overlay to bring more realism when wearing a helmet/visor.





Hope you enjoyed the screenshots.

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Guest RET.CPT.Distortion=US=

Started seeing a lot of the overhauls i downloaded really taking place the more and more i explore. I am infatuated with the playthrough i have going right now. The countless of hours i have dedicated to FNV will sky rocket with this one playthrough. More screenshots to come.



Ranger Ghost gets her own section because she looks stellar in this overhaul





The Boomers just got a new overhaul that released not too long ago. It looks so detailed and mesmerizing to see the characters have a whole new feel to them. The clipping in the beard is something that i'll bring up with the modder cause it was distracting. Still an epic overhaul.





Wanted to show the HUD i have and being able to use thermal recon nightvision during my playthrough helps so much. Especially when the ENB makes the game completely pitch black at night. Makes it more immersive to rely on this equipment and flashlights.





The deathclaws got changed up to the fallout 4 ones. FNV had so much more difficult deathclaws compared to fallout 4. The design and texture of them in fallout 4 made them much more scary and realistic to fight. The retexture is such a huge improvement and fighting just the one (Fought a whole bunker filled with alpha males and females) was a struggle to take down.





Vulpes Inculta looks so much more terrifying in the overhaul for the legion. "Legion will Ryse" is the mod and it does a spectacular job of having an overall intimidating feeling to it. The detail is riveting and i only bumped into the Nipton ones. Waiting to see many more legion i have to fight.






Hope you enjoy the screenshots.

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Guest RET.CPT.Distortion=US=

Dropping some small screenshots real quick. Gonna start mass producing a bunch more here soon with all the armors and weapons. Possible screenshots of mid-action battles with all the custom details. Enjoy the screenshots.


Cass replacer that looks amazing. Stellar work with how detail this replacer is.





Showcasing some armors i picked up. Voodoo armor from MoH Warfighter and Survarium assualt mask.





Never showed off the EDE retexture that looks really good.




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Guest RET.CPT.Distortion=US=

Definitely a handful more screenshots to show here. The more and more i go through the playthrough, the more subtle differences in every mod i have downloaded. Truly an epic experience to be seeing everything i worked for coming to play.



Willow is an absolute must on my playthrough's. The amount of dialogue options she has and her own devoted quest lines makes the mojave a little more unique traveling with her.







Vanessa is a outstanding companion as well to have in the mojave. She does a ridiculous amount of damage but, her dialogue and quest lines are intriguing to say the least.





Honestly thought the MP was about to ask for my CAC when rolling up to the major's tent.

Want to point out the "Sergeant Major" is supposed to be a major. The Major at Camp Forlorn Hope. Either way this NCR Overhaul is truly coming to light. Fantastic overhaul with the amount of detail.





The Brotherhood of Steel turning out real nicely with their overhaul as well. Had to take screenshots of Elder McNamara, Initiate Stanton, Senior Knight Lorenzo, and Head Scribe Insen.





The super mutants even gotten some love with their amazing retexture. Truly adds character to the Individual super mutants.





One Measly Snuffles the mole rat and a Chomps Lewis





Showing some scenery with the ENB and the sun flares with the sun setting.




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Guest PFC.TheHamm32=US=

Our group up on the night of the first B.E.T.A. for Fallout 76.

In order (left to right):




(Unidentifiable Guest)


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