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Noncommissioned Officer Academy Awards for 14 JULY 2017

Guest RET.SMA.VicVegas=US=

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Guest RET.SMA.VicVegas=US=



Noncommissioned Officer Academy

Graduate Award





Has completed all the required NCOA training and is awarded the NCO Academy Graduate Ribbon.


Thank you, Seaman, for your hard work and continued dedication to the Unknown Soldiers.




Noncommissioned Officer Academy

Instructor Award





Has completed the requirements to become a Basic Instructor for the NCO Academy, and is awarded the Basic NCOA Instructor Ribbon.


Thank you for your continued work and dedication to the clan, and the NCO Corps.

Lead By Example Staff Sergeant.[/align]

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Guest Gamerbeau
To the cadets that were such great guinea pigs for us SSgt's, we thank you for your desire to become a part of something bigger. To my fellow SSgt. It was a blast working with you as a fellow Trainer trainee. Well deserved all around. Congrats!!
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