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Clan Command Promotions 14JUL2017

Guest MAJ.Kaossilator=US=

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Guest MAJ.Kaossilator=US=

[align=center]Clan Command Promotions

14 JULY 2017[/align]

This member is one of the clan's oldest, having originally joined in 2006. While not all of his time since then has been actively as a member on the roster, he has certainly seen this clan through both good and bad times, and helped to elevate his branch and the whole clan when membership was down on a few occasions. During the last few years he has led the Air Force with distinction, and has been critical in keeping his branch continuously successful.


Now, while he served with honor in Division, when he returned from Retirement in 2013, he actually came back originally as the WOIC of Public Affairs in Intel, before later on transferring to the Air Force. During his time as PA WOIC, I saw a truly rare level of effort, perseverance, patience, and leadership capacity. It is this experience, combined with his excellence in Division that gives me the confidence to name Major Buckshot as the Executive Officer of the =US= Intelligence Corps.


Congratulations, Major Buckshot and well earned!!

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