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MARINES Awards and Promos 23JUNE2017

Guest CanisSapien

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Guest CanisSapien

Recommended by: 1SG.Draven


Description: On numerous occasions, both during JSOC practice and normal game time, Cpl.SoulForged deploys himself as a Medic on the Battlefield. Often times ignoring his own stats and K2D, he thrusts himself into the onslaught of enemy fire with the intent of reviving his own teammates, and often times, very effectively. His timeliness of reviving teammates in the heat of battle directly leads to the overall success of the mission at hand. Cpl.SoulForged is revered by those members of JSOC, the Marines and highly respected by members of the Army branch and the rest of the clan.





Cpl.SoulForged, you are an incredible asset to this online community of competitive gamers. You bring great credit up yourself, the Marine Corps, JSOC and the =UNKNOWN SOLDIERS=. With your selfless actions on the Battlefield, it brings me great honor to recommend you for the Life Saving Medal. Wear this first medal with pride!

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