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NONCOM Services Satifaction Survey Require Response

Guest RET.Capt.RUSHER16=US=

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Guest RET.Capt.RUSHER16=US=

To all Personnel.

The purpose of this questionnaire very brief survey is to help us serve your needs more effectively. By understanding where we are exceeding your expectations, or need to improve, we can allocate our resources to provide better training BCT Training/Recruiting services, knowledgeable staff, and NONCOM (INTEL) management. Our goal is be proactive in monitoring your satisfaction, so please provide constructive feedback that we can incorporate into our strategy.

General Challenge

Help our community in other departments in the following goals.

Help increase Membership

Help foster and retention environment.

Services offered are of high quality and on time.

Joining the efforts of other departments such as Intel and Division for the purpose of proactive work

There are several challenges and we are going to take it step by step and for this reason we are looking for a sincere answer no matter how long it takes in our community. This notice applies to all personnel below Division, Branch, Platoons, Squad and members and Intel.

We hope in 48hrs we can have your opinion and help us to establish a good work plan together with a good short term and long term strategy.

We include two questionnaires and divide them into two areas. 1. It is related to the recruitment services and the 2. It is related to the services of training in Basic Combat Training. Once we answer, we will have the information.

Note: Your response and information will be kept completely confidential only the content will be used to evaluate and improve the services we offer.

Recruiting Questionnaire


Basic Combat Training Questionnaire


Thank you so much




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