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Marine Awards and Promos 19MAY2017

Guest CanisSapien

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Guest CanisSapien

[align=center]1stSGt.Bwa is to be awarded the Logistics Medal [1]:[/align]




During the Navy practice on 5/14/17:


I had the chance to get in the Navy Practice a little late but got lucky to play 2 full rounds as medic.

Joined on the team 1stSgt was pretty much leading, the coms at all time was super clear, simple and thinking what is going to be the next move

from us and the enemy. He was like commander in the field leading squads even if one squad was lead from him.

Learned a lot about simple orders and be one step before the enemy and when we couldnt be we actually re think our strategy and approach the

the new order with 100% positive outcome. ~ SSgt.marpla




Sergeants DDog and Gamerbeau have both met the requirements and TiG to be promoted to Staff Sergeant (SSgt) [E-6].




SSgt.DDog: 1st Platoon Sgt[/align]

[align=center]SSgt.Gamerbeau: 2nd Platoon Sgt[/align]



Congrats all, job well Done!!!


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