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It's What I Do!

Guest Shabutti

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Guest Shabutti

Hello fellow =US= brothers and sisters!


It has been a fun couple weeks since I joined, and am looking forward to being a more contributing member as time goes by, but we all know that life takes priority when it comes to time! I am always interested in what people do for a living, especially when the common bond is gaming. Gamers are a VERY diverse kind with large ranges in age and location, and we do many things to keep ourselves motivated to go through the day. Whether it is work or play, tell a little about yourself or post a picture of you in action!


I am a HUGE advocate for military music, being a military musician myself, and I believe it is a very important part of the relationship between civilians and the military men and woman who protect them. I didn't want to be a music teacher, and probably wouldn't find a job as a civilian playing music. The opportunity came up that I could audition for the Navy as a vocalist, and I took it with pride and excitement. I am having the time of my life in the Navy; I'm meeting new people, seeing places I never thought I would. If you ever get the chance to see a military band perform, whether Navy, Air Force, Army, Marine or Coast Guard, know that these guys are doing what they love and are performing for you!




This is me singing the National Anthem at a Pearl Harbor Remembrance basketball tournament in Pearl Harbor last year on Dec 7. It was broadcast on Fox Sports, so even my family got to see me sing!

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Guest MadMonkey

I dont have anything quite as substantial as that RT, but Hooyah, I know that Rating is a tough one to get.

My job for the most part is boring, I work in sales mostly for HVAC, Mold Remediation, and Structural repairs. However it does provide me the ability to pursue and continue one of my great passions in life which is paintball. Been playing for around 17-18 years, mostly scenario paintball but I have also been on a few tournament speedball teams as well. I am currently playing for a new speedball team based out of Fayetteville NC (Ft Bragg), and going on 3 years with my now 2nd family that is my scenario team. I am currently the team's tank turret gunner and absolutely love it.

This was my tank crew at Fulda Gap Scenario last Nov, we had over 2k players at the event and 8 tanks. My scenario team was the largest on our faction and the most hated by the enemy faction.

Work is just work.

This is what I do...



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Guest RET.CPT.Vogts=US=

Very cool to see RT.!


I currently do not have any pictures of myself in the Airforce, or of my Hobby (I am on Duty though so ;) ) I'll see if I have any tonight!

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Morning =US= glad to see that RT are having fun here, couldn't agree more it with you, being here for 2 months and had some great moments here, waiting for more to come.


On topic:


I'm in charge of the Marketing and Creativity department of craft beer company Ogham Cerveza Artensanal adn our franchises here in my city (Mar del Plata - Argentina) far away from pretty much the entire clan.


Started as a graphic designer when i was young and then study to became an Art Director in advertising, wich i love! being working in this field for more than 15 years and is something that is my passion because it challenge you every day to think new ideas, talk to people about new stuff in the field, pretty much have fun until the bosses told you to stop :D

Im in charge of how we communicate our product, set up the tone and look & feel of our company. Is a hard job but well is craft beer and is always cold for me (don't hate me).

The most fun we have is Fridays because we set up a grill and make some "barbecue" or like we call it here ASADO and of course what even style of beer is close to us .


If anybody come to my city at some point let me know and we go try our cold ones and im a man of my word.


Once you try craft beer you never go back to industrial!


Guess who i am :thumbsup:


Last Christmas!




My favorite style of the one we made, Red Ale, less favorite is the Honey...never enjoy that one.


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Guest RET.COL.SilverEupher=US=
Nice to see another musician in the ranks, RT! I've been fortunate to make music with some fine musicians who are or were in our military's branches. I'm a public school music teacher.
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Guest Harrlander

Very cool stuff fellow Unknown Soldiers!!! Meeting people from different parts of the world and all walks of life is definitely something that I find very interesting about being a part of this community!


I myself am currently an active duty member of the United States Marine Corps and I work in a command and control agency call the Tactical Air Operations Center as a Tactical Air Defense Controller. To sum it all up we use a ground based RADAR to provide us with an air picture to control aircraft within an area of operations while they conduct their tactical missions. More specifically, what I do on a day to day basis is work as either a tactical air traffic controller dealing with routing and airspace management, or as an air intercept controller providing big picture situational awareness to fighter aircraft as they perform air to air intercepts( this is of course in a training environment, seeing as the US has not found itself in an air to air engagement in quite some time). So if any of you have seen the movie Top Gun, the control side of it is some of what I do day to day (of course there are a lot of hollywood-isms in the movie lol)



This is a picture that was released by a news team covering a training exercise that my squadron was a part of in 2015. I'm actually the guy sitting in the lower right hand side at the end of the table! I know, doesn't look too exciting, but you'd be surprised!

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Guest CrashDummy

Very interesting info guys!


I was very involved in paintball about 10 yrs ago when I lived in Charlotte, NC. Primarily played "woods ball. Have not played much since moving back to MD.


I was an auto mechanic for 20 yrs and changed careers about 4 yrs ago. I now work for a company installing automated carwash equipment. I cover an area from southern PA down to South Carolina so it requires some traveling. Fortunately, we have some guys that live in NC and they primarily cover most of the southern work.

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Guest AudioChocolate

This is interesting stuff!


I don't have a picture, but I'll throw in my 2 cents anyway. I currently work as a software developer in KY, USA. I specialize in the development of eCommerce websites and web apps, but I also frequently provide consulting services to businesses around the state. Both inside and outside of work, I spend most of my time researching new technologies and building awesome applications! I started computer programming at an early age (about 14 years old), and have been a code monkey since.


For those interested, my preferred computer languages are Java, Ruby, and PHP. It would be great to hear about other programmers in the clan (I'm sure we have a few).


I am currently in the interview process for a certain well known company, particularly in the cloud computing industry. If all goes well, I'll have more to tell about it!

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Guest CanisSapien








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Guest Shabutti

It's great to see a lot of activity on this thread! Thanks everyone for posting a little something about themselves, it makes it easier for us to relate to each other and get to know one another.


I hope this thread will continue to be a welcome place to show off your pictures and examples of what you do IRL!

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