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Quick whisper setup using channel commander mode for tactical squad creation

Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=

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Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=

After playing the other night with many in the BF1 channel I wanted to make it easier to quickly get into sub channels as squads and use whispers in order to coordinate.


To do this I've enabled the channel commander option for all user groups. What this does it it allows you to set up a whisper that will communicate with all other channel commanders (squad leaders) under your parent channel. If you like leading a squad i highly recommend you set this up so you can get whispers working and help your squads work together in seconds instead of minutes.


Below are some instructions on how to set up your channel commander whisper.


! - You only have to setup your hotkey one time, once created every time you enable Channel commander you'll be good to go. So set this up once and you can quickly get whispering to your fellow squad leaders with a mere click.


1. Go to Options





































2. Go to to the whisper tab > whisper lists




3. Click new under the whisper list column and assign a hotkey, then set up the whisper using the options you see blow. Once set click apply > ok > ok to get out of all the menus.





4. Once your whisper is set up activate channel commander mode by right clicking on your name and selecting this option





5. Once enabled your icon will turn golden and you using the hotkey you setup earlier you will be able to whisper to every other person (squad leader) that has channel commander enabled.






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