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Engineering update 12/13/16 (New forum features)

Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=

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Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=

Just wanting to aggregate some of the engineering fixes / updates going on the forums so everyone is aware of them:


Feature Additions:

  1. Profiles now have fields for origin and steam ids. To add these simply click on your name in the upper right hand corner and go to Edit Profile > Scroll down to "Contact Options" and enter your information there if you so choose.
  2. Clan award descriptions - If you now go to Training Center > Awards, you can see a description of each award and when to recommend it to a member by clicking on the award images.
  3. Leave Request Form - When you submit a new thread on the (Unknown Soldiers > Forum > Discharges/Leave > Request Leave) forum the submission page now has the post template / information built it. Simply enter the proper fields when you submit a new thread and it will post properly.
  4. Member activity indicator - You can now see member activity levels indicated by colored circles on the member page located here - http://clanunknownsoldiers.com/members/

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