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Insane BF1 Low FPS issue since patch

Guest Gamerbeau

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Guest Gamerbeau

Here is a copy of what I have posted to the official BF1 forums Any help would be appreciated. I have received a response that suggests I may need to upgrade my CPU/processor.

I'm not very computer saavy, and this took me about 26 cumulative hours to produce this info. I recorded each step as I did it for continuity. Thank you ahead of time for any aid rendered.

1. Computer Config

AMD Phenom II X4 960 3.0 GHz Processor

Geforce GTX 960

24 Gig DDR3 ram

1920x1080 60Hz monitor

2. Speedtest.com

174.99 download

11.68 upload

3. Unigine.com

Benchmark Heaven extreme settings

Frames: 30fps

GPU: 1325 MHz

Temp: 71* C

tested beautifully with no apparent issues

4. Settings modes tried were as follows - tried each setting with & without DX12 enabled.

Default (auto)

Geforce experience optimized

Reverted from optimized (default again)

All settings on low.

5. Video Drivers - after each of these steps I repeated everything from step 4 settings to include DX12 settings

Updated all drivers

Reverted to last working video driver config

Returned to latest driver config

6. Uninstall/Install sequences - after each of these steps I repeated everything from step 4 settings to include DX12 settings, with all latest nvidia video drivers

Unistalled/reinstalled BF1

Updated BF1

Repaired BF1

Un/Reinstalled origin--->BF1

Complete reset computer erasing hard drive of everything

Reinstalled/optimized Windows (no files at all except what comes with windows)

Reinstalled Origin


7. After all that. And after each change from step 4-6

I join a server with approx 40 ping (Official US West Dice Server) and get a 5 to 9 fps consistently when I try to move my character or ADS or look with the camera.

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Guest MadMonkey
I run a GTX 760 oc, i5 6600k, and 16 gigs ddr4 3200. For the most part the game runs smoothly however in certain circumstances the frames got to crap. Mostly during clustered infantry combat of 15+, dogfights involving more than 2 aircraft, half the map blowing up at once, and mostly when that one Chinese guy with a 300 ping joins the server. I average 60 fps with normal drops only hitting the 40s excluding the scenarios above.
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Guest ShotgunSelfy
I had issues with the drivers that were released last month and I had to roll back. Have you checked the Nvidia forums to see if other GTX 960 owners are having the same issue. If so then going back to a previous Nvidia driver might be the answer to your problems.
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Guest Gamerbeau
I was able to work with LtCol.ShadowOp and we determined that my CPU is maxed out 50% of the time. This accounts for the exact issues I am having. I will be getting a new processor as soon as I can afford it. That being said. I'll be with you gentlemen in spirit for every fight. At least till that shiny square shows up. It'll be about a month.
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Guest Soulforged
Aww man that sucks. I wish we could have figured it out. I imagine they'll be sales going on due to the holidays, hopefully you can get a decent one that you can afford.
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@PV2.Gamerbeau=US= maybe the clan could work something out, we have the raffles so if I or someone win you can have it and exchange it for money to get the processor? if I win it's your's I don't mind. Just my 2 cents.


Don't let me in the field without ammo PV2 ;(

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Guest Gamerbeau
This clan never ceases to overwhelm me with feelings of pride. I want to thank everyone who tried to help troubleshoot this. Also for the continued support while I attempt to get stuff together so I can get back online. It's going to be about a month until an appropriate level of funds are available to be used to get a new processor. I'll still be in practices and meetings, and won't be a stranger at all during this little hardship. And believe me, it is a hardship. I want nothing more than to join my brothers and sisters-in-virtual-arms on the battlefield. This clan is not my hobby it's also a huge part of my lifestyle. Again thank you all.
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