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Guest MAJ.Kaossilator=US=

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Guest MAJ.Kaossilator=US=



After reading, please acknowledge this post the correct way :thumbsup:


We're going to try something different for Awards/Promos threads starting this Friday. Instead of posting simply "Congrats!" or something similar, use the LIKE button (thumbs up) below the awards post.




When you do, it will tally up a little green counter next to the thread title.





We are STILL ENCOURAGING members to post up with meaningful, positive comments. You are not limited to using the LIKE button.


But what happens a lot are Copy/Paste "grats!" type of posts across all awards threads. If that is you, then please show your support by using the LIKE button instead. All the members who worked hard for their promotion or award can still see that the clan supports them and recognizes their achievement the higher that number gets.


Let's set a goal of hitting at least +40 this week for all awards posts!

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