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My animation Project: Inbound - Episode Zero !

Guest PFC.Argasio=US=

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Guest PFC.Argasio=US=

Hey guys, I would like to share with all of you my great passion of animating stuff.

After years I wanted to realize my first cartoon I finally did it this Summer, and here is the result of many hours of learning and animating, sound editing and music mixing ;-)


Agent 4 Codra is a high ranked secret agent with a great talent for assassination and combat.

He used to work for the ORGANIZATION, a super-governamental counter-espionage agency, but things have changed.

Betrayed somehow by his superiors Codra assaults the ORGANIZATION's HQ to seek vengance, and justice in his own private mission.


2016 Mateo Vittorio Ricciutelli.

Every contant of this video, including the music is original and owned by Matteo Vittorio Ricciutelli.


This is a Pilot episode, this means it had the double purpose to both kick-start the story and learn the production process needed for future episodes, any constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated.


I dedicated 60+ hours of my time to deliver this 3 minutes animated short, please like and share it with your friends so that I can reach as many people as possible!

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