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Evolve free to play - New game release

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For all those interested Evolve has now released in a free to play model. This game although lots of fun was unpopular due to poor population as well as some other areas where it could be improved. The web developer in an effort to fix these problems has released it now for free to play https://evolvegame.com/ (available on steam) It really is a good game and I look forward to seeing people join in the fun as this is now a FREE game for anyone to download and enjoy.


For those that did purchase the game previosly like myself please see the below caption in relation to this:


Those who paid for the previous version of Evolve as recently as this week will keep everything they've already unlocked. Previous owners will also get "Founder's Status" on the new version of the game, entitling them to weapon skins, animated badges, and thousands of those content-unlocking silver keys.


Thanks and kind regards,



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