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Intubationer - A Little Bit About Me

Guest Intubationer

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Guest Intubationer

Hey guys! Thanks for accepting my clan application, it's been a pleasure playing with you guys thus far! I figured I would share a little bit about me, what I do, games I play, and so on. Feel free to ask any ?'s down below.


My name is Intubationer, or John in real life, I live in PA, USA, and work full time on an ICU floor for a large medical center here state side. I work 12 hour shifts so Im off and on but try to do my best to play some everyday before work, I feel more relaxed and focused after taking some time to play. On my free time I enjoy Golfing, playing the tables at a nearby Casino, and working on cars (I love, oh so much love cars, I currently drive a WRX and WRX STi). (Photos below).


I've been married for almost a year, my wife is also a nurse at the same medical center I work for, though she works in the PICU which is a pediatric ICU unit.

I play battlefield 4 mostly, however, I also play Empire Earth with a few friends of mine every other weekend.


Its been a pleasure talking to some of you in TS, I look forward to meeting the rest!



http://4.t.imgbox.com/9H4JgdfK.jpg http://6.t.imgbox.com/h8lClctA.jpg http://9.t.imgbox.com/5uHT6Qxm.jpg http://3.t.imgbox.com/iVENN7HS.jpg http://6.t.imgbox.com/j5OlohGx.jpg http://0.t.imgbox.com/FYmcUUJm.jpg

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