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Guest RET.1SG.Draven=US=

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Guest RET.1SG.Draven=US=

Ladies and Gentlemen of =US=, Retired Members and Guests,




This is the link to the official twitch channel for the =UNKNOWN SOLDIERS=. We have just hit over 15k viewers, but still need everyone's support to get the channel up to where it needs to be! Creating an account of twitch is fast and free. Please do so and then click "follow" on the channel :) If we can get enough followers on twitch, then we can be officially "partnered" with them! Once we are partnered with twitch, it opens the doors for all sorts of possibilities: a subscribe button, team streaming and so on!


So please, if you love this clan as much as I do, pass this along to your co-workers, classmates, significant others, friends, neighbors, post it on message boards, facebook, tweet about it, pin it somewhere, heck...make flyers if you have to - but let's get the word out that =US= is streaming and that it's quickly growing!


On a side note: if you are even the slight bit interested in streaming, please PM me personally and (going through the proper channels) we will set up a time to get you trained up :)


Another thing: once you have created an account, you can be notified when we are live. Even if you can't actively watch the stream, if you at least view it once, then that will help us out! If you have the bandwidth, then mute the stream and minimize the window. This will keep you as an active viewer, but allows you to do other things as well.


One last thing: I am constantly doing things in OBS to optimize the stream - I recently reduced the bit rate to 2500, so if you were having buffering issues before, please come back and try it out again!



And thanks again for those who have continually supported the stream! We wouldn't be where we are today without you!



Proudly representing =US= on twitch.tv

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