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Machinima Battlefield 4

Guest M3K

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Hi guys,


I am a Game Design student at Vancouver Film School and I got a big assignment from my Cinematic class.


I am a huge fan of Battlefield 4 and I was thinking about a battlefield 4 machinima but I need "actors", people interested to show what means team play so I thought that a North American clan with years of experience would be the best choice possible. This project is quite important to me and I think that it could be a fun/important opportunity to show a part of organized gaming that too often is in a small corner, there are not a lot of clans with a bunch of member with team play experience. This machinima will have the opportunity to be nominated as a Best Cinematic and hopefully to win the award, more than 100 people from the industry will see that during a special night dedicated to our final projects and it may be used as case study, all the Cinematic students from all around the world will see it. The video will be also on YouTube, free to be watched/shared by everyone. Your logo will be in the video... that would be a quite nice ad, sadly nobody realized a machinima about me and my team but we would have been really proud of that.


I was thinking about something similar:

, but with a more complex story behind it, I need to show my narrative skills and I would take this opportunity to show that be a FPS player is much more than playing a violent game, swearing in different languages. It is skills, organization, respect, friendship, I would like to create an emotional video, definitely more like a documentary than like a BF4 trailer. I will record gameplay, voice tracks and I am also thinking about a really quick interview about what is going on in the video, something similar to this:


Well, if you guys are interested just let me know, I will check this topic. Have a good one.



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Guest Ret.1stSgt.Bwa=US=

Heyo M3K,


First off greeting from a fellow Game Design Student! We have participated in this sort of thing before and im sure you would find many willing people here. CW03 Shaprz is in charge of our Public Relations and would be the best to to discuss this. Im sure he will PM you on our forums when he sees this message. Hope to see you around!

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