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Commander Resources

Guest RET.TSgt.Warlord=US=

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Guest RET.TSgt.Warlord=US=

This is just an FYI to players that aren't to sure of why the Commander is such a vital role in-game.


----Intelligence Resources----

-EMP UAV (You can use this to either 1) stop their UAV from spotting targets or 2) kill enemy incoming cruise missile)


-SCAN UAV (Title of UAV is self-evident of what the role of this asset does)


-High Value Target (Points out a vital enemy for 45 seconds).


-Proxy Attack (stops the enemy commander for 15 seconds, and will even clear out enemy commander deployed assets, such as kicking the gunners out of the AC-130 gunship).


-EVAC Order (Tells the team to evacuate the area).


-Infantry Scan (scans entire map, laterally).


-Armor Scan (Scans entire map, vertically).


----Squad Resources----

-Rapid Redeploy (cuts respawn by 50% for a limited amount of time)


-Squad Promotion (adds one squad perk to every squad member)


-Supply drop (Obvious enough)


-Vehicle Drop (Obvious enough)


----Strike Resources----

-AC-130 Gunship (can receive 20% dmg from enemy EMP, acts as a mobile spawn point if you spawn in and jump out, heavily armed but has zero AA Defenses leaving it entirely vulnerable).


-Cruise Missile (usually takes 15 seconds to hit target, EMP is a Damage over Time modifier so it could kill your cruise missile, vice versa for enemy cruise missiles as well, heat-seeking and passive air missiles will also kill the cruise missile, has a huge payload and will kill and damage many assets in a large area)

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