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Extra Life Stream Saturday NOV72015

Guest Nomad501

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Guest Nomad501

Hello Unknown Soldiers!!!


This Saturday, PFC.Heavyassault and I shall being participating in the Extra Life streaming event to raise money for Child Sickness and Injury. This is a 24 hour live event. And yes we are doing24 hours of straight gaming!!!


Links to their websites:

http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm? Extra Life website

http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.team&teamID=25995 the Unknown Soldiers team.

http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=183078 My page. I will be continuing to donate even after the event ends, because it is a endless thing. They are always doing something like this


Our team is supporting Children's National Medical Center and I am separately supporting the Children's Hospital for the King's Daughters.


The event starts at 8 am CT or 9 am EST, so wake up bright and early to watch us play games till our heads explode. We have list of games he and I will be playing together, and then we have our own separate games that we will play when we break off and do our thing, if that happens.


List of Games:

Battlefield 4

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Dungeon Defenders 2


World of WarShips

War Thunder


Borderlands 2

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Killing Floor 2

Total War: ROME II

PayDay 2


We will post a gaming schedule soon! If you have any games that you want added to the list, please post them in the thread and we will make a poll on Friday to see what we will add and what we will not add.


These games are set and we will be adding in more games. Everyone is welcome to join and play these games with us if you own them. We will both be on TS for people to join us and play with us. DISCLAIMER: He and I will be participating in an important event, we request that if you come to join us that you are going to play the game we are playing. The temporary channel we will be in is not for loitering. If you do not know what game we will be playing, please check one of our streams on Twitch to see what we are playing. If you are going to ask us any questions, do not poke anyone streaming for the event please, send a private message in TS. You can do this by double clicking on our names and a chat box will pop up and then you can proceed to send us a message. We will do our best to get back to you.


Now that we have that over with, we have three prizes that we will give out at the end of the day to our top three donaters.

1st Place will receive a copy of PayDay 2: Game of The Year Edition. It is the base game with all of the DLC. WOOT WOOT!

2nd Place will receive a copy of the Hitman Collection. It is a five game package for all you hitman fans.

3rd Place will receive a copy of Witcher 2: King's Assassin Enhanced Edition. Very fun game, if you own the first and third one but not the second this will complete your collection.


Those are the prizes that will be sent out at the end of our stream. If you donate, please put your email in the message box, because you are entering to win a prize. YOU CAN DONATE MORE THAN ONCE AND WE WILL ADD YOUR TOTAL DONATED! So you could increase your chances!


Now for anyone who is interested in streaming with us and participating. Please say so and PM me as well. I will give you all of the information you need to participate!


Wish us luck and we will see you on Saturday!



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Guest RET.Capt.RUSHER16=US=
I will be helping in this effort and thanks to promote helping others in need. I'll be playing BF4 and additionally will support the cause. Keep up the initiative and thanks.
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Guest Nomad501

We raised over $200! Yay!


We have our winners!


Due to some prior game ownership and some careful calculations, we have them:


1st Place is 1SG.Hammerwolf with $50! He will receive a copy Pay Day 2 GOTY Edition


2nd Place is SCPO.TheDoctor with $50! Yes they tied but 1SG donated earlier and divided his total between the PFC and I, we both received $25 from him.


3rd Place is CPL.Bluezoid with $25! There was a tie, but CPL donated earlier than the person who tied with him.


Congratz to the three of you and thank you for donating to the children and helping our cause!

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