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Lets talk: Best BF Moments

Guest gamerk2

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Guest gamerk2

Anyone here still remember me?


Anyway, been considering doing one of these for a while now: Lets talk about our best BF moments, shall we?


Number 3:


BF2 TWL match with 75th Rangers, midway through my first stint in =US=. Sharqi Peninsula 16, 5v5 Infantry only. I was commander.


We were clearly the better team, but ended up getting capped out round 2 due to various misplays. Round 3, we were up about 70 tickets as MEC, and again got capped out. I cleared the three enemies at Construction Site and retook the flag. The rest of the team wanted to attack, but I ordered everyone to stay at Construction Site, since we were still scattered. Lo and behold, the other team capped Construction Site again, and I needed to take it back, again. Which I did.


We won easily, but still, shouldn't have been that close to loosing. Lesson learned: Protect the flags.


Number 2:


BF2 XPL match as a member of Warfare Gaming (ex and future =US= members). Dragon Valley 16, 8v8. I was commander/Anti-Tank.


Close match all around, with both teams down to 10 tickets at the end of Round 3. While the rest of the team was fighting on the bridge, I was dealing with a tank trying to cap the USMC main. After dealing with that (What did you expect? Me lose against a tank? :D), I started to head up to the bridge, but decided to make sure the USMC flag wasn't going down. It was, and I knew the enemy had to by hiding in the building near the spawn, against the wall near the table (you BF2 vets know the one I'm taking about).


To hit him and kill him before we lost the flag (it was the only one we had at the time), I had to shoot an AT rocket through the window at an odd angle, then immediately aim it downward to kill the enemy before I hit the table right next to him. Basically, I had to turn the AT Rocket about 75 degrees down in only a few feet.


But of course I did; no one in BF2 is better at AT then I am. :P


Number 1:


BF2 MLG match as a member of Warfare Gaming. Gulf of Oman, 5v5, Infantry only (for the millionth time; I can still play that map blindfolded).


By this point, I was a bench member for Infantry only matches, since I was never the best gun. Our A team lost 93-0 as USMC, won 16-0 as MEC. Obviously, we were USMC round 3, and our A team (Covert and Mental) had to leave and we subbed in myself and someone else. So needing a new plan, I came up with a winning strategy on the fly:


Gulf of Oman is a heavily MEC biased map, since it's almost impossible to break out of the USMC spawn if they lose the next closest point (Village). Knowing this, and knowing we'd lose a straight up gunfight, I decided to try and flip the map by going around the point, hitting it from the side, while the Squad Leader and myself (and whoever died spawning back on the Squad Leader) went to hit the City flag near the MEC main. The idea was to allow them to take the south end of the map, while we took the north, and try and win from the MEC side of the map.


The plan worked better then I thought. Seeing the Village flag empty, the other team gathered around it to cap it faster, and all died to a single M203 grenade. So 1 minute into the match, we had three of the four points, and quickly took the MEC main before they could recover.


Lesson of the day:

1: If you can't win with superior guns, win with superior strategy

2: Don't all die to a single grenade. Seriously, watch your spacing.


Worst Moment:


BF2 again, 5v5 TWL match (before Infantry Only was a thing). Accidentally lost the match because a missed Artillery strike killed our entire team. Whoops. Guys never let me live that one down.


Fun Fact:


I began the specialize in AT because of 8-Ball driving around in circles in a Humvee during a practice. Got sick and tired of him, and started to hunt him the entire match as an AT. So you can all blame him for all the times I sniped you with that AT rocket.

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Guest xNaruke
WOW! That sounds like a blast (no pun intended). The only things I can talk about is when I wrecked PO3.JeZuzz=US= when he was parachuting trying to do mission impossible and when I SMAW'd a heli. kinda sucks in comparison to yours but hey ho XD
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