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One of the tracks I'm going to use in my clanmontage of =US=

Guest JeZuzzz

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Guest JeZuzzz

Heyo fellow =US= members, how is it going today?


Since I'm still planning to make a clanmontage of =US= when I get back from my leave, which will be in some couple of days since everything

is going slightly better, and since I've discovered new hobbies which I can take my mind off with.

Anyways, I'd like to hear any of your opinions about the track I've been producing lately. This track was inspired by a Hardstyle/EDM producer named

Headhunterz, he made a track together with W&W called We Control The Sound, which brought up this track;




It will probably be placed in my montage somewhere in the middle of the video.

If you eventually want to sign up to gather some nice BF4 gameplay footage for the montage I'm going to make, just click the following link;




Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear your opinion about the track.

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