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Appeal - DENIED

Guest MSIFreak13

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Guest MSIFreak13

Hello Fellow Gamers,

may i ask if there's an appeal board Mg.Qotsa was very disrespectful and issued no proof that i was the guy he was talking about he just jumped on me for no reason

didnt present anything to me other then a fake email ive never seen befor and said that i had the same bday and birth day i mean thats no very accurate

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Guest RET.MG.Qotsa=US=

Original application 12-18-2011 http://clanunknownsoldiers.com/barracks/showthread.php?17568-D-Whitehurst-DeltaLimaWhiskey-WeThePeople1992-on-32man&highlight=d.whitehurst


Original application 12-18-2011 Email used dwhitehurst44@yahoo.com


Banned from PBbans so removed with DD http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-aa5005f2-vb239851.html



Most recent application http://clanunknownsoldiers.com/barracks/showthread.php?27951-!-*-MSIFreak-BANNED-20MAR2015

Most recent application Email dlwhitehurst1992@yahoo.com


Ip addresses

D.Whitehurst United States Louisiana Slidell Charter Communications

RT.MSIFreak United States Louisiana Denham Springs Cox



Same Birth date, Same name used in email, Same state for IP Address, ANDDD I know your voice in TS I used to be your CO remember??



You are an idiot, Yes I was disrespectful because I do NOT have any respect for PC gamers that hack, On top of that trying to re join UNKSO after being banned, We will NOT be known to associate hackers in this clan!




Special Thanks to TSgt.Hawkeye366=US= and BG.Kaossilator=US= For background investigation and bringing this issue to light.

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Guest LTC.DentalMav=US=

As Clan XO, and with the Clan CO on Leave, I am the final stop for the appeals process.


I stand 100% by MG.Qotsa and his decision. We also found your email address you used on a website called Ilikedcheats.net.


We have a ZERO tolerance policy for hacking, cheating, or unethical gaming/behavior here. I was present in the meeting, you were given a chance to come clean and you 100% denied everything. Thank you for your inquiry, but your appeal is denied.

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