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More issues for me!

Guest CW4.Sharpz=US=

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Guest ARCmedic

You can try:


Resetting BIOS

Make sure everything is connected correctly

Make sure you power/reset buttons are not in eachothers pins

Make sure your CPU is in place correctly

Make sure the CPU fan has power, some motherboards wont boot if there is no power

Make sure your BIOS has power, like mine has a removable chipset that has to be plugged in. Dont know if yours does or not.


If your board does this with and without components...idk man. Might be defective. Normally component changes will at least add a code not keep it the same.

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Guest PFC.Hawkeye366=US=

Yes i just saw the vid and all i can say is to double/triple check all connections and switches on mobo.

Unplug cd/dvd and only connect ram and hd

make sure bios switch is in correct position

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Guest Nightwolf
I had this happen to me when my hard drive was shot. Some of the issues that I read was that the selected BOOT device on the BIOS wasn't selected or was burnt out. Also there may be a pin that is dedicated to restarting the computer (for cases with restart buttons) and if its linked up then it will reset. I agree with the suggestions above. It may not even be the motherboard its self so don't rule out everything.
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