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So Hardline Beta, Thoughts?

Guest ARCmedic

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Guest ARCmedic

Just downloaded and played Hardline Beta when I got home from work. Its an interesting game.



I like the idea of being an LEOs (Law Enforcement Officer) in game. Not that im doing any policing so to say haha

I like the recoil on the guns better than BF4. I feel they did a better job of that.

Sound quality is great.



Gameplay is similar to BF4 but feels much more fast paced. Not sure if I like that or not



Graphics are probably running on the same BF4 engine, but I feel like they arnt all that great.

The characters make WAY to many comments during the fighting, it gets on my nerves.

Not really digging the Game Modes. I feel like im playing the game "Payday" which is a great game but it takes a lot of the BF feel out

Doesnt feel like BF. Which is a huge con for me.

Team mates dont like to play with eachother

Game Objectives are confusing and hard to execute

Just seems like a huge warzone with horrible armies


Overall I havent played it long enough to say if I like it or not, im kind of neutral right now, still leaning towards it being of the LEO aspect.

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Guest RET.CWO2.Shortstacks=US=
also the helicopters and other vehicles are not very strong and the starting guns on the heli are super under powered :/
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Guest CapLoki
well the game aint stiff as BF4 but helis get hit hard from snipers lol but is kinda fun but sadly no jets so a no buy for me :)
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Personally I really despise Hardline at its current state, I do see that improvements can and probably will be made on final release.

The graphics are the same or yet even worse than the current BF4 graphics.

The gameplay is slow on (Conquest) even though the map is tiny.

The helicopters are a big let down for me, as I really do love air support. The mini gun is very inaccurate and doesn't seem to do that much damage. If you go into third person with the helicopters it doesn't feel right. It feels as if the camera is positioned in the wrong place.

Also many things look too cartoony :-o

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