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Unknown Soldier Clan Request

Guest jacobpslagle

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Guest jacobpslagle



My name is Jacob Slagle I have recently registered on your website and have come ask of a favor of this clan. I own a Multiplayer gaming community called Division Zero Gaming. Currently we have 5 servers up as of the start of 2015. I am contacting this clan to offer a sponsorship. We have been wanting to purchase a Battlefield 4 server, but due to the costs we currently don't have the funds. Our community is asking if we could partner with you guys and direct our battlefield 4 traffic to your servers and would it be okay if we could display your server banners on our website? Any battlefield 4 traffic that we encounter looking for a clan to interact with will be redirect to your battlefield 4 clan. I hope we could work something out. You can contact me at:


Email- jacobpslagle@jpsrackspace.com






We hope we can work something out.

Best Regards,

Division Zero Gaming

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Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=
This has been posted to our clan leaders for discussion. If i haven't reached out to you in 48 hours or so feel free to reply back to here.
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