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End of Year "Report" :P

Guest Nomad501

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Guest Nomad501

So here is the thing, every year, at the end of the year, I type a very lengthy post on Facebook about what changes have occured in my life and significant people who help create those changes. So here is my UNKSO version.


The year of 2014 was a year full of change for me. One big change, of course, was me joining this clan on May 28th. Yes I remember the date. I remember it because I have seen some of the coolest people come and go from this clan. I have had a phenomenal time within the clan. I have made memories with many of the members here. One person I would like to single out for being truly an awesome and amazing and cool and often talkative like myself is 1stLt.Buckshot. You know during the summer when I had no school and he was out driving on the road and hanging out on TS, he and I would just chat. We laughed, he gave me advice, and to be honest he is the one person in the clan who has made the biggest impact on how I see some things now. I would also like to thank CPT.SilverEupher for his dedication to Army Branch, as well as 2LT.Rusher16. These two officers know how to lead the branch extremely well. I would not ask for a greater Army command than my current CO and XO. When I joined the clan back in late May I thought I would only be here for a few months and then you know get bored and leave, but I cannot do that now. I love this clan. This group of highly disciplined, crazed whacko's ( :P ), and plan ole PC Gaming Masters I have made me laugh, cry from the amount of laughter occuring, and just yell and rage and have a grand good time. I do not think I could have found a group like this that could possibly keep me stuck to the group for more than a few months. I would also like to mention 2ndLt.Incoq. I did not know him very much and while I was on leave back in October I found out that he had passed away. I was completely shocked. Could not believe it when my brother, LCpl.Jaeger_Dawg, told me. All I really knew about the 2ndLt. was that he was really fun to play with, he was quiet and I never really heard him yell. When he spoke, he spoke what he wanted to. Now finally, I have never been apart of a group this diverse, this creative, this structured, this organized EVER! The Unknown Soldiers have been around since 2004, I mean come on, that demands some merit for being around 10 years and still going strong! I mean I am surprised we have won an award for Greatest, Oldest, Awesomest Battlefield Military Realism Clan. If that was an award I would do all I could do to get the clan nominated. Because we deserve that! We are a great clan, we are an old clan, we are an awesome clan! I think we can grow even further as well!! So let us enjoy our Holiday! Let us come back from break and continue what we have been doing for 10 years. Hoo-rah!!





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Guest MAJ.Kaossilator=US=

Perfectly said.


This clan wouldn't have been here for 10 years without members who value their time here and are willing to say so. Without you ALL as the members of =US=, we wouldn't exist. There have always been those dedicated members who step out and sustain the clan through good and bad times. Knowing that throughout the clan there are those who go far out of their way to help, talk to, encourage, or just hang out with each other makes me feel extremely proud to be a member myself and honored to have the privilege of helping to lead.


=US= remains strong and we're better than ever.



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Guest RET.SFC.MissM4yhem=US=

HOOAH, Corporal!


I'm glad you've had the opportunity to learn and grow in the time you've been here. Long ago in another clan for another game, I had the same experience. It may not seem like much for some, but for others it's truly a life-changing experience when you have the opportunities you get in a place like this. I'm truly glad I was able to be a part of that for you, as so many others have been for me.

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