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Help with new website / MetaSearch

Guest RTL

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Hello all!


I have started a new website for my company and have got it designed and built now with some help from various people in my life as well as clan members, thanks go out to those who helped especially Msgt Sharpz who was integral in some fine tuning!


One last thing I am having difficulty with is making it so the site appears on google or other search engines even when typed in explicitly? I have set many many meta search tags with my website builder however the site is still not coming up? If you can offer any help with this it would be greatly appreciated!


As well as anyone having any critiques please don't hold back as I would like to move my company into the new age with this website for my area, the site is http://www.south-alta.ca/


Let me know and hopefully you all can help me through this!


Kindest regards,



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Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=


Preface: meta tags are much less significant now a days.


1. Your site has not yet been indexed by google



2. http://www.google.com/submityourcontent/business-owner/

I recommend checking out the first three links there under "Web". You can submit a request to indexed.


3. It is highly recommended you sign up for google webmaster tools


This will allow you to do things like test your robots.txt on your server which helps determine what crawling is allowed on your content.


The above is just a brief summary of some important points from the following document:




In addition to the above, improving your SEO rating is how you get to the top of a google search result (though its not terribly hard if your name is relativly unique)

But still, I would highly recommend reading the following documentation regarding SEO as it pertains to google especially:





Follow the above steps and you should be appearing high up on the search results page in no time, if you after you have read the above documentation you have any further questions just let me know.

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