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Celebrations! :D

Guest CW4.Sharpz=US=

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Guest CW4.Sharpz=US=



A whole year ago today, I got drunk in my room an decided I wanted to stay up at stupid times and play battlefield 4 at 130+ ping with people who can't pronounce Aluminium properly! It's been a very fun year and I'd like to thank everyone in the clan for helping out with that. I know it sounds weird but I've seen a few awesome members come and go which is a shame but it's always great to see them again!


The following members I would like to thank and present to them the British Award




Members of JCS - Though scary at first, it took me a while to discover you're all a bunch of QTs (Much love to LtGen, no homo) and I think you for putting up with me in game and during open forum!


Maj.BlackTulip - For persuading me to buy and subscribe for a game which ruined my internet and that I never ended up playing properly. And for letting my Mum know that I am friends with "creepy old men in Canada" on Facebook.


Capt.ShadowOp - For battling for the Corpsman for as long as you did. Meant a lot that you too wanted to keep it going.


1stLt.BuckShot - When life seemed quiet, you'd barge in in your truck and spark convocation anywhere! Even if it was with yourself. And for teaching me the ways of PA!


1stSgt.Basman - For holding me against your chest (no homo) and telling me it'll all be okay which I was forced out of my beloved Corpsman and took me in at Air Force only for me to insult it and get out of it as soon as possible.


SSgt.Hornet - Bae. My Opposite. My Right Hand Man. I will always love hate you and your fun ruining attitude.


My most missed people - Painkiller, CenturionOne, ZeroWolf, ObitaDicta, Incoq


And thanks to everyone else for making this the best clan and community I have every been in. For those who don't ready this, you will hear it tonight during the general meeting!


Though it sounds like it, I'm not leaving. I just crave attention.

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Guest MAJ.Kaossilator=US=

Good heavens, it does sound like you're leaving until you put it waaaay at the very end of the post lol...


Good thread :)

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Guest Nomad501
Ccceeeeeeelllaaaaabraaaatiiiiiioooooonnnnnnnn TIME COME ON!!!!! It's Celebration time! Ccceeeeeeelllaaaaabraaaatiiiiiioooooonnnnnnnn TIME COME ON!!!!!
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