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Battlefield 2!

Guest CW4.Sharpz=US=

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Guest CW4.Sharpz=US=



Hey everyone!


There is going to be a Battlefield 2 event next friday, the 24th, after the general meeting!

If you have the game, fantastic, but if you don't then don't feel like you have to buy it for the occasion. You could wait for the game to go on sale and join in on future BF2 events.


If you are going, please post bellow so we can see who to expect![/align]


Current Attending:-










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Guest MAJ.Kaossilator=US=

Bump. I'm expecting at least 22 responses. At least that's how many voted in that other poll that they own the game.


If you have the game, post up if you can make it. No way to plan the event without knowing. If we have too many people who are last minute "oh yeah I'll go" then that slows everything down.


That makes me go from this



To this


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Guest RET.PO2.Basman=US=
Sir as I stated in the other BF2 thread, I am having an issue with the launcher you posted and need some help.
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