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Voted. I tried to vote on my phone as well but it wouldn't let me. I googled and came across an article from clan ADK back in 2013 which, if true, has my jimmy's rustled about BF4CLANS.COM


Here's the message/link:


Unfortunately yesterday my thoughts were confirmed. After a few days of really pushing for folks to vote on the BF4Clans website something that most probably never saw coming happened.


Let me give you a little background first. Ever since ADK had joined the BF4 Clans website we NEVER had any problems making sure we stay in the first place position, even with the fact that it resets EVERY WEEK. Well that was until this past week. The week prior to last we had a very successful week beating second place by over 100 votes and 3rd place who was Team Europe by at least 200 I believe (not 100% certain but they weren't close) And it was about like that every week.


Then all of a sudden last week, whenever we would get a large amount of votes Team Europe would out of nowhere get the same if not more votes than we got. This is coming from a group that has 3 servers that are rarely populated. No matter what we did they would always come back with just a few votes more to jump into the lead again. It was never just a blowout day of votes from them. But just enough to make it seem legit.


Well unfortunately I called BS on that the moment it started happening. Especially as myself and others were getting 403 errors not being able to access the site, which is another thing that made a siren go off. I thought members were just doing something wrong, and getting errors till I got them myself. I shot an email to them asking what's going on with that. They said oh it must be the internet, and certain parts of the country. WELL sure I can agree with that, and the fact that there are times where it happens, but if anyone knows anything about 403 errors, they are access forbidden errors. AND there were multiple people around the country that weren't able to vote. So that's when it's clear that it's not the "internet" as not everybody is connected to the same interwebs, and getting a 403 error is 99% of the time sever side as it's a "forbidden access" error.


So anyways even after the BS that went on from this past week with voting we still manage to take top spot for the week. The new week starts and all of a sudden 'Team Europe' is now a "featured" group.


I shoot BF4 Clans an email like I have done for a few things, and was hoping to get an email saying "oh, it's a new thing that's going on for XX amount of $$" and a nice response like I have gotten from them with every other email that I sent. Although the email about the site being down had a hint of being upset in it, and I never got a response back the second time.


Well I ended up getting a response last night saying that BF4 Clans is run by Team Europe and long story short although it wasn't truly mentioned directly, he was upset at the fact that we were always in first. Then it was also mentioned that we shouldn't feel threatened by their site (when did we ever say we were) because they only take members from Europe. As well as he was doing the site as a side project and to make money for himself as Team Europe already had enough funds.


Then it was mentioned that he just wanted a "piece of the pie" and not the "whole pie" like ADK and some others want. And I agreed and can understand what he says, but I also said that we don't force people to join ADK and we want people to have a chance to decide where they can go. Whether that be his group, ADK, some other group. . what ever it might be. But instead he wasn't happy that we were always in first and actually had members who would be active and vote to keep us there. So he takes a website that is suposed to be a "neutral voting grounds" and turns it into corruption.


I said thank you for returning all funds that were given to the website and that I would still like to be a part of the website and possibly work something out for the future and would still consider supporting him. But that obviously wasn't good enough, and the fact that he got called out and felt threatened by ADK made him want to remove ADK from the website. He put it all on ADK trying to make me feel bad for what I uncovered, even though I would still try to work with him. I even told him why I was pushing so hard for votes. . because I thought the site was well run and had a lot of great things going for it. That's clearly not the case anymore. And we really had no option of staying or going, rather he just removed us completely.


So we were going to keep some of the "vote for ADK" banners up on the website, but wouldn't push for votes. Unfortunately it is no longer needed and we will find a better place and inform others of the issues that went on. We will then look for another website that will be a good ground for promotion for us and other groups alike.


Thank you to everyone who helped keep =ADK= in first EVERY WEEK, even through the times of corruption. That is why we are where we are at today! And I can't thank you all enough.

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Guest RET.COL.SilverEupher=US=
LCpl, it used to give me a 403 on the phone but I used a different browser and/or forced the desktop site.
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