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Interesting view on BF Hardline

Guest Nightwolf

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Guest Hornet117

Interesting read for sure, and some valid points. The guy makes some incorrect assumptions on the purpose of law enforcement however. Over all though, I am tired of that same old argument: "Shooting people in a video game makes people violent." (in this case its shooting cops makes people think like criminals, and cops shooting tons of criminals makes cops out to be "murders") If you like the game buy it, if you don't like it don't buy it. Since when has it ever been ANYONE'S right to decide what other people can or cannot do, watch, play, or eat?


If anyone plays this game and doesn't recognize that its pure fiction and simply here for entertainment use, they have a mental problem anyways and whether they play this game or not would probably not change that.


So that's my rant for the day, you are welcome. :)

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Guest ARCmedic

I totally disagree. I am against the idea of a militarized police force, but its just a nice idea i have, its not reality and its not fair. Criminals are armies of their own, with high tech gear, unorthodox methods, and with the absolute intent to kill.

The only way to protect those who serve on the street is to equip them with the same training and ammunition. THE DIFFERENCE is that LEOs serve the community regularly and rarely actually use a "militarized" skill. There is nothing wrong with Hardline in this sense and its ignorance and stupidity that drives that writers article.

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