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South Park to =US= changeover!!

Guest Ret.1stSgt.Bwa=US=

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Guest Ret.1stSgt.Bwa=US=

Heyo everyone,


If anyone remembers this http://clanunknownsoldiers.com/barracks/showthread.php?25901-The-US-simpson-collage&highlight=Simpsons Ive got this next week off so I need stuff to do. So I want to do another one, this time with the charecters of South Park. With that please go here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Mt0ZkgCmI-zqjZAXKxsbwwLFB3A9FE9pjpXuUPWMOVc/viewform and fill out some matches. Ill do my best to line up everyone with the suggestions, based mostly off of who get the most "votes" for a character. There is a space to put down your reasons of why they match, if you would like put something in there please do. Id like to add the reasons why they were matched when I publish the pic.


As a disclaimer, please only suggest things for good reasons. Be aware that this is for fun and I would hate to see suggestions take a racists, sexist, or offensive turn. Lets keep it lighthearted and fun and within the regulations.


Other than that please feel free to repeat the form and suggest as many people as you want. Just don't repeat the same person for the same character multiple times.

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