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Guest RET.Maj.Buckshot=US=

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Guest RET.Maj.Buckshot=US=

Ok Ladies and Gentlemen,


We are only 2 months away from the start of the NFL Season. Are you excited? I am! In light of that, it is time to announce the 2014 =US= Fantasy Football League. Yes, there will be prizes. No, contributions or buy-ins are not required. Yes, it will be tons of joyous, magical, unicorns-everywhere, life-changing fun. Are you up for the challenge? SIGN UP HERE by posting in the forum below!


Veterans League








Newbie League











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Guest RET.Maj.Buckshot=US=

We are going to be creating 2 leagues, one for those new to fantasy football and the other for veterans. Please state which league you prefer to be placed in.


Also, we will be using ESPN FFL for our leagues. We will hold the drafts in early to mid August. I am unsure whether we will do a Live Draft or not.

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Guest cepwin
I'm in! Master Sargent. I've done fantasy numerous times although I don't consider myself an expert..but I guess the fact I've done it a number of times qualifies me for the "veteran" league.
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Guest RET.LT.Padarom=US=

I played fantasy football once and would love to do it again. Count me in Master Sergeant! (I prefer the newbie league)



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Guest RET.CWO2.Shortstacks=US=

Idk if my last two post went though but I'm in



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Guest RET.Maj.Buckshot=US=

OK Ladies and Gentlemen,


We will be using ESPN.com for our leagues. The leagues will be set up by this Fridays meeting and the League Names and passwords will be announced as well as posted here.


The Veteran League will be a 8-team league and will have a live draft after the General Meeting (9:15pm) on Aug 22.


The newbie league will be a 12 team and have an offline draft (aka not live) at the same time.


If you haven't already signed up there is still time (3 weeks or so).

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