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(#3 / Choose your own adventure) of Capt.ShadowOp's weekly funhouse thread Game

Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=

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Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=

Game 3:

Choose your own adventure (yeah like the books from when you were a kid)




1. A selection of choices will be posted.

2. I will post a poll with the options, discuss your choices here, at the end the poll with the highest vote wins.

3. You will have 1 "page-back" per 8 decisions (pending it is voted to be used). This will become an option in the poll when you have earned it. This is used to go to the previous decision.

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Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=

Let us begin.


Its been a long day.....and the sun is starting to set.


"Spring cleaning blows" you think to yourself as you finish putting the last of your old vinyls into an empty copy paper box.

You hate to store them away, but you never really listen to them any more and at this point they are just taking up space. You heave the burdensome box up the two flights of stairs to the loft and pull the cord releasing the attic stairs.

"I never did enjoy going into the attic much." you think to yourself as the cloud of dusts settles.

You finally manage to get the box and yourself lugged into the attic without injury then look for a place you can store them safely.


While rummaging through the monolithic stacks of boxes already stored here, you knock a stack of boxes over spilling the contents.


"Crap." you mutter clambering to collect the various trinkets that tumble away.


The box contains several notebooks, a signed baseball from the '81 world series, Dodgers-4 Yanks-2, the first world series your dad took you too when you were only 4, a binder of family photos, and some books.


You never did really go through your Dad's things after he passed, just tucked them away with the rest of the memories you didn't want to spend much time thinking about.


As you collect the items you come across something that you have no recollection of. It's a small leather bound book, possibly a journal, with a crusted brass clasp and small key hole. The leather is well worn and you can feel indention's on the spine where a hand spent countless hours propping either cover open.


You think long and hard but not one memory pops to mind of this book however there they are, your dad's initials burnt into the front cover.



1. Tug on the leather strap used to bind the book close

2. Look for a key

3. Return the book to the box and go about your business

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Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=

Want to get it rolling a bit before heavy discussion so going to go straight to posting the first poll:



1. Tug on the leather strap used to bind the book close

2. Look for a key (WINNER)

3. Return the book to the box and go about your business


Vote Here:



Poll open until:

11pm est.

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Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=

You start to set the book in the box with the rest of the trinkets but the itch in the back of your mind won't let go. Your interest gets the better of you as you begin to dig further through the box in search of the key.


You find a: Baseball Glove, two dollar bill, cufflinks, a set of charcoal pencils, and a few other tidbits but no key. You hunt around and find a couple of other boxes marked "Dad's Stuff"


"Didn't realize I had so much of his stuff up here" you think as you begin to dig through the boxes.


Glasses, cigar with a blue ribbon that reads 'boy', dip pen and an old camera. Two down one to go.

You break the yellowed taped seal on the third box and fold back the flaps. The box contains a flag, and a bunch of old clothes. It looks like this one is going to be a bust as well but just as you get to the bottom you feel something hard.


Wrapped in a terrycloth bag you find an intricately detailed box.




You roll it in your hands and hear something tumbling within the box, but as far as you can tell there is no lid or defined opening.



1. Examine the box more closely

2. Try and Smash the box

3. Google "box with no way to open"

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Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=

You slowly pass your fingers over all the faces and on one side you feel the slightest deformity in the apparently smooth surface. Upon further examination it appears there is a small slit of wood designed to look identical to the surrounding pattern but it is in fact an independent piece.


You press latterly and the piece slides horizontally a few centimeters. The box still does not open.

You push the piece back to its original position then to its protruded state once more...nothing.


"That would have been too simple I suppose" you think to yourself.


You decide to push the rest of the face in and to your excitement the entire face slides downward a few centimeters as well. You start to see how the puzzle functions.


You slide the initial piece once more this time to the left and it slides past the original position until it finally rests protruding several centimeters to the left of the box.


The primary face slides down once more just enough to see into the dark hollow interior of the box, but not enough to free any of the faces completely.


Through one or two more permutations you finally slide the front face enough to allow the top of the box to be slid away.

You look into the box and there is......nothing.


"What the f***" you mutter and shake the box once more. You still hear a rattling and the depth of the box seems is to shallow for this to to be the only compartment.


You try sliding the other faces and now that the top has been removed the rear face slides up and free revealing a small hidden drawer.




Hidden with in the drawer you find 3 things:

1. A small key

2. A pendant, intricate gold filigree surrounding a large translucent purple gem.

3. A simple note in dad's handwriting that reads "Finish it!"


You hadn't expected to find anything other than a key.....to be honest you really hadn't expected to find the key, but the rest of the items raise man more questions.


Your dad was a pretty simple guy, a travel journalist for the LA times. The family took quite a few more vacations than normal, but most of that time he was busy finding the "hottest local dining" or the "best diver bar on the island", and when he was with the family most of it was spent thunking away at his typewriter.


The paper bought him a new laptop, if you could call them that way back then, once every two or three years. But dad loved his typewriter and always let someone digitize his articles when he returned to the office. He always used the same typewriter, a Royal HH, just like his favorite author Truman Capote. That thing had to be repaired a dozen times over the years but he used it right into his grave.


Regardless though I'd never known him to keep secrets.


Was the pendant some special trinket from his travels, and what could his note possible mean...."Finish it".


You walk back over to the book and insert the key.



1. Turn the key and see what this book is all about.

2. Leave your dad's secrets be, some things aren't meant to be shared.

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