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Guest RET.Maj.Buckshot=US=

Unknown Soldiers News Network

SPECIAL REPORT - Friday May 2, 2014


East China Sea (USNN) -- As the dust settled over Shanghai early Saturday morning, it became clear that a once-magnificent modern building is now a pile of rubble along the waterfront. The US Armed Forces Task Force ‘Unknown Soldiers’ led a strike that completely demolished the building and left civilians fleeing from the debris for hours after the collapse. Though casualties were low, the Chinese Government has called this operation an act of Terrorism.


The President of the United States addressed the nation yesterday, informing citizens that the actions taken by our Armed Forces were necessary and presented clear strategic value to the mission of the United States. What that strategic value was may never be known, as it is buried beneath thousands of tons of rubble, twisted metal, and broken glass.


The British Prime Minister has lobbied Parliament to declare a state of War against North Korea and its Allies, including China, however Parliament is in recess until Monday and sources have said the decision is currently split. A ruling may not be found until the end of next week at the soonest.


North Korea itself has gained little ground since crossing the DMZ a week ago, Monday. The Korean People’s Army has met stiff resistance from the Republic of Korea Army. In one case, A battalion of soldiers from the 56th Homeland Defense Infantry Division has held the small city of Yeoncheon for the last 3 days without reinforcements or supplies, the rest of the Division is attempting to break through to relieve the battered battalion.


BREAKING NEWS - The Chinese have counter attacked the American Forces near a small island chain in the East China Sea. As we speak, the USS Nimitz is listing heavily to port. It is heading toward a shallow grave in only 60 feet of water above a natural reef on the southwest side of the island. The USS Ronald Reagan and its Carrier Battle Group are on scene to defend the rest of the fleet, however weather satellites are showing an ever-growing Typhoon centered 200km South of the islands. Present predictions show an almost direct hit is looming and could be potentially devastating for both sides.


We will keep you updated on this story as it unfolds.


USNN's MSgt.BuckShot reported and wrote from aboard USS Ronald Reagan, East China Sea

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