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(#1 / song title game) of Capt.ShadowOp's weekly funhouse thread Game

Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=

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Guest RET.Maj.ShadowOp=US=

This marks the first in a series of weekly funhouse games I am going to post in the forums. There is no time limit they may go as long as they want but a new one will be posted each week for 5 weeks.


Game 1:

Song title game




1. You must post a song that starts with the first 2 letters that the previous song ended with.

2. Post link to where song can be listened to (youtube / soundcloud / etc)



1st post - We will rock y(ou)

2nd post - (Ou)r House


Special Condition for if 2 letters are posted and no songs start with them

If no one can find a song starting with the last 2 letters, after 3 hours the song posted only needs to use the last letter.



1st post - Fannies So(ng)

3 hours no one can find a song starting with ng, it defaults to 1 letter.

2nd post - (G)as Station

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