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If you have been in the real Military read!!!!!

Guest c4

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Ok so, anyone who has been in the army will get this...


So last night our company guidon was stole because the CQ left it out after the commander left.


There is this site on Facebook called ArmyWTFmoments who post pics of stole guidons and other funny army stuff they see.


This morning out 1SG and CO were loosing their minds and called the MP's and what not.


Then this video surfaced of the stolen guidon with two guys Jihading it LOL





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Guest Battl3Hard3nd
In my 6 years in the Army I've never had a guidon stolen....however I used to be a 15Y20 Armament Electronics Systems Repairer on AH-64D Apache helicopters and we once had our mascot stolen...needles to say we got it back expeditiously!! Also I enjoy hearing about company's that get theirs stolen.
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Guest Werewolf

Marine for 3 years. I work with the M142 HIMARS Launcher, aka mobile artillery in bf4. We were doing reloading drills for the new guys on Thursday and a hydraulic line sheared its pins and went everywhere. A picture was posted on facebook later on.


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